Male Boerboels

Boerboel is a large, muscular dog with a strong watchdog instinct. Male South African Boerboels are very clever, obedient and fearless. They show immense care to carry out the needs of a family. At Southern Cross Boerboel breeder, we own some outstanding Male Boerboels which will make you be in awe with their smartness, temperament and loving nature.

Although we specially breed our males to be insistent in guarding, all our South African Boerboels are well mannered and surprisingly calm and amiable. They are very athletic enough to be relentless guards to your home or farm. We bring up them with a special care to making them confident and nurturing their strong protective instincts. 




This male Boerboel is an imported stud male, from top bloodlines from Grassland kennels.  Being 26 inches at the shoulder weighing 80 kg plus, he has a very good nature and is an unpassable guard dog.  This dog can be made available at public stud to approved bitches



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